Aaaaargh, are we really still packing?  Does it take this much organisation to have a bit of fun, or am I overloading attempting to line up works for the property in our absence, have the residence spotless, or have we just left it too long?

I remember being away internationally not so long ago for 3 months, with a carry on airline bag, a small extra bag with computer and necessary extras, camera, book, travel docs, handbag and thin leather to wrap around my neck, wrist or waist as accessory.  The entire setup weighed 9 kgs and authorities allowed the extra 2 kgs on board given I had no checked baggage. With just nine clothing items to mix and match in black and white (what else) plus trainers, flats and two pairs of sandals to make some 20 outfits vacumn sealed in zip locked bags, I was prepared for casual, dinner or theatre, sport, and even a week of barge tripping.  Surely I haven’t lost the touch, so how the heck did I do that?

One last shot at getting it together will happen early tomorrow morning after pasta marinara tonight followed by  a big sleep where the zzzzzzzz, surely my focus will be greatly increased!


Only problem, you get pretty over the clothing you have chosen!


Please mantra, do kick in…

Cold weather gear, because the desert is cold at this time of year.