July 3rd.  If you have made a trip on the ‘Spirit’, you know all about it, but we hadn’t since moving to Tasmania in 1991.  In fact we had driven from Adelaide where we’d caught up with best friend Francesca and her entire family for a reunion in the hills. It was in the same month, July and bitterly cold.  Anyway that trip across the Bass Strait was on the old ferry.  We were up at 5am like everyone else, struggled with the terrible coffee and off the ship by 7am ready to make way to Adelaide.  We took an accidental turn due to the new highway being off the navigation radar so it was a longer day than necessary, but quite interesting with many birds, beautiful gum trees, and the sighting two live foxes and three dead ones, yay!  The Penola and Coonawarra was very different from the first drive through, back then there were no cafes or accommodations.  We arrived at 19.00 and had eventually come in by way of the Adelaide Hills, ready to start adventuring after chilling out for a day with our buddies.

Auxillary sleep prior to departure…

Remarkable stone walls all through Victoria

and vineyards for kilometres

only bout 250Kms to get to our first destination!