Mt Lofty Ranges, Eden Valley and the Barossa, a pleasant day trip out of Adelaide with a bit of off road driving seemed like a good thing so off we went from Base Camp Seaford.  It was today that I was receiving a 4WD tutorial, ie how to read the book with the trip details and keep us on track.  It took me a bit of sorting but finally the instructions took hold and I got the gist of reading and delivering information to coincide with the navigation system.  Thing is, sometimes these off road tracks aren’t actually in the updated versions of Where Is…

An 1991 version of the off road ‘bible’

No this wasn’t a tyre change ‘already’, just reducing the pressure to meet the off road conditions, no different really than being on Bruny Island!


The German’s settled Eden Valley without convict labour, actually there were no convicts assigned to the settlers in South Australia.  So who the heck built all these ‘Remarkable Walls’ as they are called that go for kilometres over hill and dale beyond as far as the eye can see?  Simply beautiful, dry stone walls of magnificent quality create boundaries and keep the owners stock in the right paddocks!

A big grey seemingly as inquisitive as we were.

Landmarks are noted in the ‘bible’ so luckily and thankfully they show up in just the right number of kilometres, ‘good, got that, now just turn right for another 5.3kms and…’  Trouble is, you have to be quick to see the sights and keep your eye on the book otherwise you lose your way.

‘nah, it’s not TL (turn left) with the pipeline, it’s SO (straight over) to the T intersection then TL onto the main drag.’

Heaps of sheep, more remarkable walls, interesting gum trees and lots of birdlife to keep us happy with Wood ducks, Galahs, a White breasted brown falcon, Crested pidgeons, and numerous species of parrot and rosellas, somewhat quick and difficult to identify until settling into the Slater’s we brought along that is becoming dotted with stickies.

‘What species of gum tree is that?’ I kept asking, well the tree is dealbata or Red River gum, but the funny pendulous cones are mistletoe. I had never seen anything like this before, very odd, the extraordinary thing is there is a Mistletoe bird to go with this phenomenon and it habits wherever the mistletoe occurs, all around Australia.